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Ward & Emler Surveying, Inc

113 3rd Street, S.E.
New Philadelphia, OH 44663
Office: (330) 364-5866
Fax: (330) 364-1107

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Ward & Emler Surveying, Inc.
Professional Land Surveyors
"You'll never be sorry for doing it right!"

Ward & Emler Surveying, Inc. is a company that is committed to providing professional, timely and accurate surveying services to our clients at a reasonable cost.  We routinely work with private individuals, manufacturers, utility companies, attorneys, real estate personnel, lenders, title companies, auctioneers, engineers, architects, timber cutters and construction contractors. We pride ourselves on having a Licensed Professional Surveyor in the field on all projects to insure the quality of our work and avoiding costly mistakes. 


A Surveyor's Trivia

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Would you like to know what land surveying has in common with Mount Rushmore?


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